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I have to be honest. Completely forgot I had a Tumblr. Oops?

So here it is, the highly anticipated “Dancing With The Stars” finale. If there was a Primetime Emmy for “Most Dramatic Openers” DWTS would win. They love the dramatics don’t they? Anyways…let’s get to the competition. First let me say, they all looked GREAT at the top of the show. The costume department really stepped their game up for the finale. As expected the show wasted no time in teasing Mark’s injury and if he’d actually be able to compete.

Judges Pick Round:

James & Peta:  Contestants had to redo the dances they did during the “Switch Up” week so for James it was the Tango that he had previously done with Cheryl. I thought going with a Miley Cyrus song for their Tango was an interesting move. However, that Tango was on FIYAH! I do agree with Carrie Ann though that James seemed a little tense. Precise choreography and intense passion resulted in the couple getting a 29.

Meryl and Maks: They ended up with the Argentine Tango, which happens to be my favorite ballroom dance ever. Physically in my opinion Meryl and Maks are perfect for this dance. Her costume was perfection. The music was flawless, the choreography oozed sexual intensity and the passion between the two was palpable. I loved it and so did the judges, they got a perfect 30.

Candace and Mark:  Let me start with saying I love Candace and all she stands for. Candace and Mark had to do the Quick Step. When practicing their freestyle Mark hurt his shoulder and let me say, when I saw him hit the ground I cringed. Thanks to a last minute doctor clearance Mark was able to dance the Quick Step. Personally I liked it but you could tell there were some last minute choreography changes to accommodate Mark and changing it at the last minute is never good. They ended up with a 27.

Amy and Derek: These two were given the Salsa, which is always a crowd favorite. I thought the routine was “okay”. It was by no means horrible but nothing special. It was almost like we’ve seen this same routine and same choreography before. Nonetheless they did a great job and the judges felt the same way, they got a 30.

Freestyle Round:

James and Peta: The freestyle round is the “no holds bar” round of DWTS. You’re encouraged to go over the top with back up dancers and huge production value. Don’t hate…but I thought James’s freestyle routine was a complete mess. I think the concept of the street gang was a good idea but it fell flat and came across too “hard”. This could backfire on James and Peta big time. Not sure if “middle America” who vote the most for DWTS is going to like it. They got a 29.

Meryl and Maks: Just because it’s the “Freestyle Round” doesn’t mean you have to go big and honestly I like that Maks and Meryl didn’t. Remember when Kellie Pickler and Derek took a simpler route and you see how that paid off! I thought Maks choreography was gorgeous! It was such a simple, yet powerfully emotional piece. Carrie Ann suggested the two get married some thought it was a little too far but she only said what we all think. In the end sometimes less is more and this could pay off for them. They got a perfect 30 (of course).

Candace and Mark: Personally I enjoyed it. I mean if you can’t enjoy a good disco move or two I don’t what I can do for you. I thought it was simple yet fun routine without being toooo cheezy. Apparently the judges didn’t like it as much as they were scored a 24.

Amy and Derek: No shock that Derek Hough once again breaks some stellar choreography. They too took a more simple route and it REALLY worked for them. I think if there would have been numerous back up dancers and large sets it wouldn’t have worked. The rope piece at the end was BRILLIANT. It sounded like the ballroom was going to explode with applause. Len wasn’t a fan of the rope however giving the pair a 9 resulting in a total of 29.

James ended up being eliminated which I have to say I was somewhat shocked by. If I’m being completely honest I thought it would have come down to him and Amy. So now to my predictions…

Who will win: If we’re going off judges scores Meryl has this in the bag not to mention Maks is a favorite with the audience members at home. They may vote for Meryl just so Maks wins for once.

Who should win: Well, I was going to say James when I started writing this recap but I guess we know THAT isn’t going to happen. So who should win? For me it’s Amy. The fact that week after week they basically had to recreate dance moves to make it possible for her to do anything says a lot. DWTS is all about the journey and a journey she has had!

What do you think? Who is going to win it all?

Starbucks/GQ. Los Angeles or bust. #Starbucks #GQ #Pharrell

When was the last time I talked about a show I watched? I think the last time I talked about anything was for the premiere of “LINDSAY” on OWN but no worries because I do have something to say about this weeks “Dancing With The Stars”. 

This weeks theme was Disney which am I the only who is shocked this is the first time ABC did a Disney themed night on DWTS since you know um…Disney owns ABC and ABC owns DWTS and not to mention Disney loves to self promote themselves? Anyways…

The celebrities and their professionals partners were reunited after spending the previous week apart thanks to the switch up (which I liked by the way) but not all the pairs reunited smoothly. Nene Leakes reunited with her partner Tony and it didn’t take long for the tension to build. In my opinion it seemed that NeNe was very proud of how much she grew with Derek the previous week  and wanted to share that…yet Tony wasn’t having any of it resulting in some tension with NeNe eventually storming out of the studio during rehearsal.

Here are some thoughts I have and feel free to tell me what you think:

1. Was it just me or is there some jealousy on Tonys end when it comes to mentioning Derek Hough? I could see why he might be jealous though. Derek is a great dancer and choreographer not to mention the viewers LOVE him…as do the Producers since Derek continues to get the best celebrities (which I’d be annoyed with too Tony). In my opinion, Tony should have been THRILLED that NeNe grew as dancer and came back excited to learn more.

2. Im not sure why NeNe got so much backlash for her reaction. Do I think NeNe came across a bit on the rude side to Tony? Yes. But she’s NeNe Leakes, bringing the drama is what she is paid to do for a living.

3. According to both Tony and NeNe that storming out incident was only a brief moment of their entire week of rehearsals, which I believe might I add. Drama = ratings. We all know that. 

4. I love DWTS but we’d be fooling ourselves if we thought everything was 100% authentic and genuine. After all reality TV isn’t all that real. In fact, former DWTS competitor Wendy Williams spoke on her show about how often times the rehearsal footage confession scenes are scripted. 

In the end both Tony and NeNe have no reason to be mad. She ended up getting her best scores so far. I wouldn’t be shocked if she sticks around another few weeks.

What do you think? Was NeNe just being a diva or was Tony being way to jealous? —j.o.


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It’s baaaccccckkkk! “Dancing With The Stars” kicked off its 18th season with the same amount of glitter, spray tan and sparkly costumes as before but not without it’s share of (much needed in my opinion) changes. I was one of the ones that were somewhat glad to see Brooke Burke replaced. Nothing personal against Brooke I just always felt (when she wasn’t being stiff) she made situations really awkward while delivering questions with an aggressive tone. Not only is Erin Andrew gorgeous, I think she and Tom Bergeron are really going to work well together. Not to mention I like her sassiness. Moving along, let me be the first to say I LOVE a live band, especially if it’s an orchestra but I’m glad to see them change it up and bring new musical director Ray Chew in. You’ve got to update with the times and I get that! Now onto the competitors:

Let me start by saying…a woman WILL win this season. Mark my words. It’s going to happen.

NeNe Leakes and Tony: Whether you watch “Real Housewives” or not, NeNe is know for her over the top and energetic personality, something I’m not sure the other competitors have. If NeNe can get fans of DWTS to fall in love with her, like she does the 8+ million people who watch “Real Housewives” already do, she could go far. Personality is half the battle and she’s got it. Not to mention, she’s worked with some powerful people who can get people voting. Andy Cohen and Ryan Murphy anyone?

James Maslow: If he plays his cards right, he could be the Brant Daughtery of this season. You know, the guy that not a lot of people know but can use his charm and good looks to advance him. He’s definitely got a partner (with some chemistry might I add) that can make him a contender.

Danica McKellar: Cool to know she’s a big fan of the show, good to know she’s excited about her partner but I don’t know how I feel about her yet. However, the judges love her that’s for sure.

Sean Avery: He’s your average male athlete but the first Hockey player ever on DWTS! Started out a little stiff in his routine. His routine however did have the potential to be amazing but it never really went “there”. However, if anyone can make him a dancer it’s Karina. If he makes it to next week I expect to see an improvement.

Billy Dee Williams: I applaud his effort, and he seemed to be enjoying himself and the experience but his score was 15…and I felt even THAT was a generous. He’s danger of going home if you ask me.

Meryl Davis: Honestly, I couldn’t tell who the pro is. I do appreciate the show was honest about hers and Charlie’s history with Derek. She is going to go far, really far. If this is her at week one just wait till the nerves of being the ballroom wear off.

Candace Cameron Bure: Confession time. I LOVE her. She seems like the sweetest most genuine person. Not to mention you can tell the judges love her and I am sure America is going too as well. Having someone as talented as Mark as your partner ain’t to bad either. Can I go ahead and say Top 4?


Cody Simpson: If I’m being honest (which is what I promised to be) Cody is THE one lone guy who has a chance of making it far in this competition. If he can win the judges over he’s good to go. Not to mention I’m sure the ladies at home will fall in love with that accent.

Drew Carey: He use to drive me crazy but he’s grown on me in recent years.  He completely acknowledges dancing is not his thing and that he’s just there for the fun and if he wins, then so be it. He’s basically this seasons Andy Dick. Cheryl however has turned many of bad dancers into contenders so you never know.

Amy Purdy: By far one of the most inspirational people to ever be on DWTS. If you ever think you can’t do something take a moment to think about Amy.  She gave me chills. I am really rooting for her. Do I think she’ll win? No. But honestly with Derek as her partner who knows? I can tell you, I’m glad the producers picked her.

Diana Nyad: I would be shocked if she’s the first to go which is sad because poor Henry is finally a pro.

Charlie White: I think Charlie has a great personality that America is going to fall in love with. Obviously by his score of 27 the judges thought he did great. I thought he did “okay” for a first night. Contemporary is usually graceful and that’s what he’s use to but lets see how he handles Latin nigh?

What did you think? Who are you rooting for and who could be headed home? –-j.o.

After his recent legal troubles Justin Bieber in now reportedly requiring people to sign confidentially agreements if they come over to his house. What? Is he afraid it’ll get out he still sleeps in a race-car bed? —j.o.

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Last year, after getting out of a court ordered rehab (which happened to be her 6th time going) Lindsay Lohan, the once promising child star sat down for a one on one exclusive tell all interview with Oprah with an 8 part docu-series to follow. 

In true Oprah form, Queen O went hard asking a wide range of questions from the obvious, “Are you an addict?” to “Are your parents exploiting you?” and the stinger “What does it feel like to be an adjective and verb for bad behavior and child star gone wrong?”

I tweeted after the interview (to which Lindsay herself replied) that I felt for the first time, in a long time Lindsay had been very real and more importantly honest. In the end I thought the interview was well done, Oprah asked all the questions I know I wanted to know and it seemed to somewhat helps Lindsay’s image. The real question though was how would this docu-series go? It’s one thing to show up and tape a one hour interview but how was a an 8 episode, 4+ months taping going to go?

"Lindsay" premiered last night on OWN and I have to say, I went in with an open mind. This was either going to be a complete train wreck or an all access pass to Lohan like we’ve never gotten before. In the end I was pretty captivated and set the DVR to record the season. There is some owed respect that Lindsay completely acknowledges her tumultuous past (unlike like a certain pop star named Britney) and how toxic it was. Does her life still seem a little chaotic? Sure. But when that’s all you’ve ever known how do you know there’s anything different and to act towards it? 

Lindsay seems to also be making better decisions. To start, she packed up everything she has (which we learned to be ALOT of stuff after we got a glimpse of the warehouse where she was storing everything) and moved back to NYC to be closer to family on top of canceling a trip to Europe after Oprah advised her not to go. But then again if Oprah advises you don’t go, you don’t go.

Say what you want, but as much as we all love a train wreck, we all love a good comeback and you know it’s true. Robert Downey Jr. went from being a full fledge alcoholic and drug user to being the star of one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, “Iron Man”. Britney Spears went from being on a mental evaluation and shaving her head to now an extremely successful Las Vegas show.

Me personally I’m rooting for Lindsay’s comeback. After what has been a few years of pure chaos she seems to finally grasp that this is her last chance and honestly and eagerly seems to be working for it. I have to admit though, after the show ended I felt exhausted. Like I had just spent a day with Lindsay herself. Here’s to hoping she (finally) gets some structure and much needed success back in her life.

As always, if you like it re-blog it!


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At the start of every year “awards season” grabs hold of American pop-culutre and holds tight all the way to the big night at the Oscars! Along with awards season there seems to be a new upcoming and coming actor or actress that everyone is fascinated with. If you’ve been paying attention to this years awards buzz you know without a doubt this years Hollywood fascination is with up and comer Lupita Nyong’o.

While Lupita is garnering rave reviews and some serious Oscar buzz for her performance in “12 Years A Slave” her acting is not the only thing people seem to be praising. What else? Her fashion. It’s hard to find a magzine that isn’t talking about her wardrobe and if there is an award for “Best Dressed Red Carpet Appearances”, Lupita should get it and heres why…

Let’s start with the Golden Globe Awards. 


Twitter practically exploded when Lupita stepped onto the red carpet in this exquisite red silk cape gown by Ralph Lauren. How do you know it was a smart selection? Because people are still talking about it. 

But she wasn’t done yet, just a few days later she stepped out onto the SAG Awards red carpet, scoring yet another gorgeous look in a Gucci gown in turquoise silk crepe with a gorgeous intricate floral neckline.


Not only did she win the SAG Award that night, she won on the red carpet…again.

Oh, and can we talk about the BAFTAs? She once again made sure that all eyes were on her as she chose a superb green couture Dior gown with a gold belt accent.


You have to love the fact that Lupita and her team both know how to dress her body and continually hit the mark. But it’s not only about the gowns, her team perfectly executes makeup and accessories every time. If this is any indication on how gorgeous Lupita can look on her way to the Oscars you have to wonder, what will she wear to the Academy Awards?


P.S. I decided this should be all about her actual red carpet appearances but I have to say, this purple jumpsuit by Cushnie et Ochs she wore on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” was nice as well. 


Are you watching this season of “American Idol”? If I’m being honest after last years drama focused season (I for one was over the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud) I wasn’t sure if I’d tune back in but after they cleaned house and brought back J.Lo and new judge Harry Connick Jr. (who I said for years they needed) I decided to give it another shot.

Make no mistake, “American Idol” is the original singing competition show and if it wasn’t for the insane success of Idol I don’t think there would be “The Voice” or even the “X Factor” and not only is the show successful but the talent it has produced is untouchable. I don’t know one person who can’t name atleast one Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood song. Not to mention Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar win. But back to the show. Let’s be honest, last year Idol was starting to show it’s age and the ratings reflected that. You have to respect the fact that the people at FOX acknowledged it was flawed and put everything they had into. Sometimes people can be so blinded by what they are passionate about and not be open to ways to improve. 

Switching up the process of Idol was also needed and well received in my opinion. Anyone else remember when the Hollywood rounds would take foreverrrrrrrr. Glad to know they cut that short. Which let me add, I STILL have no clue why they compete in a group around only to compete as a solo artist if they make it to the top 13. 

Harry is a breath of fresh air to the show and the reviews he’s garnered prove I’m not the only one who thinks so, and the folks on twitter don’t lie either. One thing I love more in comparison to “The Voice” is that the judges aren’t afraid to get critical. Over on “The Voice” sometimes I think the coaches dance around the need to be critical because a. they are all actually friends and b. when a contestant “belongs” to a coach, it’s like messing with someones kid. On Idol, they don’t hold back and I think thats what was missing from the previous year when all Mariah Carey was worried about was looking “fabulous dahling”. Even J.Lo has seemed to turn it up a bit almost to make you think the producers said, “Listen, we get you are gorgeous and the motherly figure but you better turn it up a notch.” And I know that Harry is getting some backlash during this first week of live rounds but I WANT someone who is going to question song choice, and musical arrangement and encourage America to know more ABOUT music.

Can I tell you the one thing so far after all the revamps that I am just not a fan of? The stage? I don’t know what it is but I just do not like it. Maybe the audience is too close? Maybe it looks to dark? I’m not sure. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Moving on…

So who do you think are the front runners? I’ve got my picks but I’ll keep quiet till the top 13 are announced. —j.o. 

The rumors have been swirling for a while that FOX has been working a reboot of the less successful superhero franchise of “The Fantastic Four”. The movie was almost a go last fall before some rewrites were ordered but now it seems there is finally some progress. The project seems to now have a script that executives and filmmakers are happy with. With a new and (hopefully final) final script it generated a new round of tests and chemistry reads that reportedly happened earlier in February.

Sources have now revealed to “The Hollywood Reporter” that the studio is reportedly making deals with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.

Jordan will reportedly play Human Torch, Mara won the role of Sue Storm, aka Invisible Girl, Bell will take the role of Ben Grimm, aka The Thing with Teller playing Reed Richards, aka the stretchable Mr. Fantastic, but that’s if scheduling issues can be worked out.

This is FOX’s second try at the making of a Fantastic Four franchise. The first round, which consisted of two movies, released in 2005 and 2007, and saw Ioan Gruffudd play Richards, Jessica Alba as Sue Storm/Invisible Girl, Chris Evans as the Johnny Storm and Michael Chiklis as Grimm.

What do you think? Will you give the reboot a shot? —j.o.